The Third Night: Through the Dark Tunnel to Delivery

The Hospital: Through the Dark Tunnel The Arrival The ride to the hospital didn’t take long. But emotionally, it felt like I was entering a dark tunnel of complete blackness with no idea when it would end. Jodi and Elizabeth met us in the parking garage and got a wheelchair for me. I was beyond […]

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Preamble to the Third Night

Introduction to the Preamble Why the Delay As a preface to the preamble, I know that it has been weeks since my last blog post in my birth story series. A lot has been happening in our lives and I had to take a hiatus to get ready for winter. Besides, I have been struggling […]

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The Third Day: Discouragement and Despair

Morning: Hope with Discouragement and Despair Not All Sharing is Caring The sunrise of the new day brought with it a renewed hope that today was the day. Granted we didn’t want our baby born on our wedding anniversary, and that’s the date that this Monday was. By this point I was fighting the despair […]

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The Second Day and Night: Trying to Rush It

The Second Day: Pushing Myself and Trying to Rush It Starting the Day Off Trying to Rush It I had contact with the midwives from around 6 am on. An intensity of energy and excitement rushed through me. But a little voice in my head kept telling me to calm down, and I made some […]

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The First Day and Night: Suspense and Anticipation

  The First Day: Suspense and Anticipation Saturday morning came. It was March second. I checked in with my body to see if I could sense anything happening. Nothing yet. Regardless, I had made the decision to stay at the apartment and try to “nest” and rest. I wasn’t nervous, but the suspense and anticipation […]

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3 Days and 3 Nights: My Birth Story Introduction

Introduction to My Birth Story I have wanted to write about my daughter’s birth story for a long time. At times, writing is something that I do therapeutically. I often process through my emotions, sort through my confusion, or found answers to questions about myself by taking pen to paper. Words are my therapy. But […]

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Breastfeeding Babies and “Babysitting” Dads

Preface Note This article is for ladies in general, but specifically other Moms, whether previously or currently breastfeeding babies. I am sure that what follows are things that we all have experienced in one form or another, or heard said about “babysitting” dads. But if not, it will give you some food for thought and […]

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Taking the Husband’s Last Name

The reason most women cite for being against taking the husband’s last name, and all the reasons why I did it anyway.   The Issue with Taking the Husband’s Last Name For the past couple years I have continually see a lot of conversations on social media from many women about taking the man’s last […]

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